Mega to UNO conversion

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Hi i have a sketch working on a arduino Mega, it uses a rewritten hardwareserial library.
Now i want to upload it on my UNO, and yes i have rewritten the code because only one serial is available on the UNO (i used debugging over softwareserial and a USB/serial cable).

It's a program to read from a EMS-Buderus bus, the data seem to have a 11 bit null as end-of-packet indicator, the program i found uses that to split the messages with a modified hardwareserial called nefitserial. It seems to be written for Atmega8. Now i would like to rewrite it so i can use it on my UNO. But i can't get it to work, all registers stay empty so i think the data isn't decoded properly.
I think there are some alternations made in the hardwareserial that are not compatible with my UNO, i think it has to anything with different kinds of (registers/UCSR0A/UDR0 stuff)
Is there someone who knows how this works and who can check the modified hardwareserial library for me.
I realy like to get it working on my UNO instead of Mega.
Please Help.
Thanks !
I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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