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1, installation is simple: the wood floor with four edges of tenon groove, its only when the installation of the mortise fit each other, forming precision can bite Sale Installation Simple Green Floor In Ireland , after laying the ground of the overall effect is good, colour and lustre is uniform, visual effect is good, at the same time, the wood floor can be installed directly on the ground or other floor surface, without earthworm. In addition, wooden floor can begin to shop from any place in the room, simple and quick.
2. The stain: when the stain falls on the surface of the wood material, it is easy to penetrate and it will be difficult to clean up. The surface of the wooden floor has no such trouble at all. Because the surface is a special material, even when the ink droplets go down, it will not penetrate, can only stay on the surface, with a mop to clean up.
3. Good wear resistance: the wear-resistant layer on the surface of the wood floor is specially treated, which can achieve a high hardness, i.e. use sharp hard objects such as the key to scrape, and leave no trace. The big advantage of this advantage is that there is no need to downsize your daily life to protect the floor.
4. Good care: wear-resistant, dirty floor, easy to take care of. Even if it's not done for a while, there's no need to worry about the floor being damaged. This point, for the usual busy young family practical.
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